It was a loud entrance.

OH! I forgot to mention.

Even though this blog is “over”, sillybelle will remain in Sweetie Belles’ Bed and Breakfast as an exclusive. Who know, maybe I’ll pop up once in a while…?

The end

(( Yup, its come that time in every askblogs life. This blog and the mlp fandom in general just isn’t fun anymore for me. It’s time for me to take my art and move onto other things beyond what I’ve done. Does this mean I’ll disapear? Well no, I’ll just not being doing pony things anymore. 

Thank you all on encouraging me to keep on going with me art! But I have run my course on my little pony art.

If you’re still interested in following my art, I have another ask blog I’m currently working on called ask-sliggoo-and-friends. It’s a pokemon ask blog

You can also contact me on my mod blog here.

This blog will remain open for readers or for any ooc inbox questions, but don’t guarantee i will see them.


Stream is up



Come on in and we’ll have a grand ol’ time

I’ll be drawing some answers for some quesitons and maybe do some requests and play Counter Strike Global Offensive after all the drawing is done. 


Poorly Drawn Pony #4 
What are you on about Stick Pony?

delishus pony fleshh

Holy Sunbutt what is that


Merry Christmas to everypony!

A zip of high-res (wallpaper size) copies of the photos above can be found here

aw yis